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Solano Pride Volunteer Opportunities 

There are many volunteer opportunities at Solano Pride. It’s a great way to meet people and help build a thriving LGBTQ community in Solano County. Talk with us about your interests, complete a volunteer application, and we’ll find the right volunteer job for you. Some volunteer opportunities, such as those working with youth, require criminal background checks. 


To Volunteer for any of these positions, email us here .



Activity Coordinator 

Plan, organize and lead activity groups, such as an outdoors group that goes hiking and biking. 


Administrative Assistant 

Answer phone and e-mails provide information and referrals. Create and edit electronic documents with Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher. Assist with various administrative tasks. 



Promote Solano Pride activities at community events. Distribute promotional materials in your community. 


Calendar Wizard 

Maintain and update the Solano Pride Master Calendar online and in print form. 


Event Planner and Event Support 

Plan, develop and staff Solano Pride events. 


Fund Raising 

Plan and organize fundraising activities. Help with Donor outreach and development. 


Graphic Designer 

Design flyers, graphics, and promotional materials for Solano Pride activities 



Have an expertise you think LGBTQ youth or adults would be interested in? Talk with us. 


Library Volunteer 

Staff the Solano Pride Library in Vallejo, greet and talk with visitors, recommend resources and information. Catalogue and prepare books, DVDs, and other media for checkout. Maintain library catalog. 


Resources and Information 

Research and develop our resource directory. 


Schools and Community Volunteer 

Help foster inclusive schools in Solano County. 


Social Media Guru 

Assist with Solano Pride Social Media communication, including Facebook, Meetup, Twitter. Revised 7/3/16 


Speakers Bureau Volunteer 

Provide training to community organizations, service providers, classes, as part of our work to raise awareness and improve support for LGBTQ people in Solano County. 


Support Group Facilitator 

After training, facilitate Solano Pride peer support groups. 


Technology Volunteer 

Consult on Solano Pride technology. Occasionally assist with technology and software upgrades or issues. 


Web Designer 

Design, maintain and improve the Solano Pride website. 



Support Solano Pride by writing our newsletter, program and outreach materials, and grant applications 


Youth Group Leader 

Plan, organize and lead Youth Group activities. Create a safe and welcoming space for youth. 

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